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Auto filter setup


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Here is my auto filter setup.

Kit consists of...

1000l ibc tank

6 pre filters

2x 200gpd membranes

240v solenoid shut off valve

Dual 12v relay operated by float switch

Erbauer multi impeller pump with added pressure gauge

11l di pressure vessel

Added valves for better flushing

Tds meter

Large bilge pump for transfer to van tank using 20a dc power supply


Could be configured to keep tank topped up as soon as emptied but I like to flush daily, i could add additional solenoid on delay timer to auto flush but not necessary at the moment.

I plan to add a low pressure switch in the setup to prevent pump running dry and burning out if the water supply is cut off for any reason (like my 3yr old son turns it off, little bugger, lol).


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I've done alot of reading about ro units, and it says the waste outlet is between 4 and 6 times greater than the pure output, my current filter is at the upper of these 2 figures, so my water bill is in theory £1700 per year, if the 40 inch membranes r the 4 times output my yearly bill on the same usage is £1200, so the £500 is nice don't get me wrong, but it's not a huge impact, especially seeing as the housing and membrane is gonna cost about £330 to buy.

Can anyone give me real pure to waste output figures on them membranes http://www.purefreedom.co.uk/ro-ultratec-40-hf4-reverse-osmosis-membranes-p-328.html?page=all

Also, I use 6 pre filters for increased flow through the pump, when I used 3 they got hammered too much and after a couple of months the water wasn't coming through fast enough, so doubling up solved the problem, its 2 spun fibre, 2 gac, and 2 carb block filters in parallel.

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If you buy the pre filter which i have from collinswood iv already posted the link it will give you more water than you need every 24 hrs. i get more good water than bad so you would save 2500 ltr of water PER 500 lt of good i have the 450 gallon per day one mine was reading 3 when i first had it now at 14 new filters £7 each and it only cost me £150 i did read your post and you wanted to save money that will save you a fortune with out sodding about trying to revive a di vessel full of resin

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System upgrades.

24l expansion vessel with pressure switch, hose, connector, and gauge.

Benefits include more stable pressure but mainly save money, the pump switches off after 25 secs and stays off for 1m 22secs, the upgrade will pay for itself in electricity saving in approx 2 months of use.

Other thing I added (not shown) digital flow meter to fine tune pure to waste ratio, and bigger dial usage meter on inlet pipe so i know how much water I use for work.


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