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Lost a customer


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A customer left me a voicemail, saying i dont like the poles u use ect so please just leave them next time. But she really just wanted me to do 1 clean cos her windows were that dirty !


She gave me a £1.00 tip aswell.... from £9 to £10


I received the message whilst i was in town shopping with the sun shining.


So i thought i got to canvass and work hard today !


Went to a new estate it was hit and miss.


Picked up 5 customers.... and one women wanted them fort***htly :D


So over 4 weeks i gained £34.00 pound worth of work today :)


My monthly round is now worth £117 :) with 17 customers, not bad for me.


You just got to keep going and going and you will hit that jackpot eventually !



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Well done mate, but get out there every ***ht. I remember just starting out like you. Try not to think to much about customers that you loss, it will happen now and then, focus on getting new ones. The biggest thing for me when I was just starting was getting out to canvass. I hated doing it, and finding the motivation was always difficult, but I got out there, and pushed on, you've just got to keep at it mate. Eventually you will be sitting with a few hundred, and you will look back at what you've achieved.

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I lost one myself yesterday just as i was about to finish the house i was doing before i went to hers , she said sorry I can't afford it £10.00 a month is too expensive .

So my response was ok I will delete you from my round lol .

not bothered about it tbh the only time to worry is when you are losing them thick and fast .

I had A compliment from one of my customers yesterday , they said they were very impressed with my service .

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Yeah I was same as you both, I got a text from someone saying thanks I did a brilliant job!


I lost one customer yesterday, and I think she just wanted them cleaning as they were filthy, she said how often do I come, I said 4 weekly, she said ok can you leave nxt time and I will give you a call


actaully I have had two customers say that, really wanted a one off clean! Really anoying!

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i always ask 1st do you want them monthly?if they say no then i say no.


how would they feel getting payed every now and again?


ive lost one or two but so what there ***** and ***e rather spend the coin on cigs and beers tramps

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i did ask and she said yeah every month thats great , then nothing stupid woman i dont even know why she said she would want them done she's bleeding blind anyway .

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I lost one a few days ago, texed after a clean asking if i can come collect and they said they were out, then said i didnt clean the top window, when I said I did and I even asked the son to close the windows (WFP) he then said "well if your always doing them when were out then this will be the last clean"

oh well so I went out and yeasterday and got £120 and 6 new customers...

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Iv had 3 cancel this week 2 coz they moved and one coz he was just a total twisty so n so said there were streaks I pointed out wfp don't leave streaks so could he point thm out to me to wich he replied he didn't have time make it last clean ha

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m.k cleaners how many customers have u got in total? Losing customers is part of the window cleaning game, just got to get used to it.Lol


I know... Its a few specific reasons for losing a a customer that bothers me though. The 3 I lost today was because of a possible employee. IM not sure to be honest. I think about 300. Will be less soon. Selling a part of my round that I bought a few months ago.

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Guest MyLittleCleaningCompany

As time goes on you get rid of the bad customers and improve your round.


I can't make out if your comments are genuine or in fact your actually extremely intellectual and your taking the mic!! Either way they make me crack up! ;)

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As time goes on you get rid of the bad customers and improve your round.


300 customers is great ! Keep it up


Ive already started doing this but instead of dropping them, I just give them to another window cleaner, A friend of mine. He doesnt really care about bad payers atm. Hes not long started out

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i dont give up work, i just put the price up on that house, if they still want it done then its worth my inconvenience to chase them for payment, if they dont go for the revised price then im not bothered if they cancel

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