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Wheelie Bin Cleaning with PW

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Rarely do this job but one came up this morning for a local pub. Commercial bin needed cleaning.. I have never cleaned such a filthy bin in my whole life there was thousands of maggots living in at the bottom along with food that the owner said had been there five years.. The smell was that bad I vomited. It stank.. I had to take a deep breath go back to bin sweep it out, then after a minute go back and get fresh air and do it like that. I rarely ever puke.. 


Anyway they now want the bin cleaned monthly and they want me to pressure wash the beer garden. 


A nice start to the day. 


BTW how much do you guys charge for PW  Wheelie bin domestic and commercial? 




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CM Cleaning Services

Domestic wheelie bins between £3 - 4.50 per bin

Commercial larger bins £15 - £20 per bin

Though be careful as there is rules around waste/contaminated water entering the drainage system etc

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Yeah thanks mate I read about these rules. What happens if i sweep out the bin first empty it of all lose debris and bag that. Then wash it out with washing up liquid? 


Can that go down the storm drain? 

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