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Izettle card reader payments

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I use one, easy and simple to use. Fees are comparable to PayPal and under £50 its worth having on you for the forever cashless.


Only downside is that it still requires you to be present at the door to collect your pay - online payments are the way to go!

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I do like mine. East to use reader. Contactless. And fees a bit less than Paypal. 


It does take them two or three days to pay out however.  When they say next day payout they mean once they have collected it from your custy. 


I put about £2k through mine last month and got a £9.53 kick back as I got into the lower %% rates. 


For me it is GoCardless Bacs (as long as they continue to be prompt) cash if home or card.   Due to the handling charges however we have implemented a policy of cash only on all jobs over £250.  (Residential)   

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Izettle have a deal on just now where cards readers are £19 + vat until end of October get someone ( me ) lol to introduce you £10 credit each



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Had mine just over a month , I think it’s great for them who carnt set a standing order or don’t carry cash , use it a few times a day don’t get none of this shite any more can u can back iv no money on me

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