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Connecting Ibc tanks


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Does anybody have any advice on the most efficient way to connect up also am I best to run the in and out from the same tank


I want three connected together


Was thinking water in to 1 linked to 2 linked to 3 sub pump in 3 for out


I currently have 2 linked via the bottom taps and pipe but I'm worried if I have the above after I've drained 2k I'm not sure if the 3 tank will push water through to 3 quick enough!!



Sorry if that makes no sense I've had no sleep lol



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I would link them all at the bottom so the full ones will drain into the one you pump from so always water in there

Problem with joining at the top is you would need a pump in each

I would put the pump in the first one like i used to when using water butts so the other 2 can be isolated to clean out etc if needed without messing up your ability to still use 1 and pump from it

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That's how i did it with 3x210l water butts 

Any problems with algae etc in a tank just isolate it and still use the first one (unless it is a problem with the first one lol)

It doesn't really matter which you pump from as they will fill evenly but personal preference is the in and out in the same one

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That's why i asked about pumping out on our 2 man set up the water level between tanks alters the tank with pump drains quicker than the connect storage tank which I assume is the fact it pumps out quicker than refilling.

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It depends on the diameter of the connecting pipe.  If you use hosepipe then the water will not transfer quickly enough to fill no. 1 tank as you pump from it with a sub pump.  If you can connect with pipe of the same diameter as the tank outlet then there shouldn't be any problem.


I set up a system with 3 x 50 gallon plastic drums.  I didn't want to drill the drums so I connected via siphon pipes like inverted 'U's' from one tank to the other using standard sink waste pipe.   Works a treat unless we drain too far and expose the bottoms of the siphons, then we have to prime them again.  Otherwise the water travels quickly from one to the other as the first drum is drained by the sub pump.

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There's loads of ways to link them up efficiently using one fill point. Dispensing 2k in one go shouldn't be an issue because all the tanks will drain/fill at the same rate. As long as your connecting pipes arnt too narrow it will ''push water through to 3 quick enough"

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