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Microfibre leaving lint on windows?

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Go over the window with a damp cloth first to get rid of the film. If you don’t the micro fibre grips to the glass and leaves all sorts of lint and dust etc on there. Same applies with a scrim. It’s a bit like back in the day using a mop and scrim.

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If you are using the standard microfibres then you will get this issue you need to use the smooth ones not the towelling type and once you wash them any traces of fabric softner causes issues and don't use washing powder only laundry liquid, Better off using scrims for detailing. 

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Davy B got me into using blue Wilko glass micro fibres they are really good for the money, I also love a scrim as I primarily only do internals and use these for laying on sills floor but to be honest using the liquidator you should only get minimum detailing.

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I use the Vermop  textronic & Vikan luster cloths, absolutely love them. Been using them for years and recommend them over any of other cloths out there. Great for getting polishing and getting that finish.

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21 hours ago, rugbywolf said:

Any cloth with leave lint if you wipe while still damp, it has to be just drying off and the cloth has to be dry.

The Vermop and Vikan cloths actually work better when a little damp and do not leave lint. Tried a lot of cloths to get to them but apart from them I mentioned I would agree with you.

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On ‎13‎/‎08‎/‎2018 at 14:22, Nudel said:

Old school cotton nappies 95°c wash and tumble dried is where it's at. 😝

Totally agree,  although I use best quality hand towels, which is the same thing.

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