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Brian Mullan


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Brian Mullan

Hi Everyone

I'm interested in learning more about Wheelie Bin Cleaning. The price of a new specially designed trailer is as much as £10,500 Plus VAT. I don't have that kind of money at this time and I've been looking at other options to potentially get into this trade. So I came across www.bin-cleaner.co.uk - Now this guy is selling plans on how to build a wheelie bin cleaning trailer for £125.00(Cost of Plan). He reckons that the cost of materials excluding power washer is under £300.  There's no Facebook page or any links to Trust Pilot where Customers have left reviews as to the veracity of his plan. I'm no welder; but I know that there are local engineering companies which would do the work from the plan if it's legit. There's one video on the website showing his design working with DABCO written on the side of the cleaner. The same video was posted onto YouTube and can be seen below...If anyone has any information about his design plans I'd appreciate a heads up. Thank you. 


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I do a couple of my window customers bins occasionally and I found the pressure washer was more hassle than just having a hose pipe, brush and some mild detergent. Plus you get soaked with the pressure washer. The rate of pay is pretty low for it by me so I don't push it.

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CM Cleaning Services

Yup agree a simple jet washer does the job just the same .... Guy around my ways has done bin cleaning for years with just a jet wash in back of the van plumbed up to his tank

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