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Gardiner Slx 25- Bournemouth

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Selling my Slx 25. Bought in June 2016. It’s been an amazing bit of kit, but I now have two jobs I’ve picked up fairly recently where I can’t quite reach a skylight & a loft window, so my plan is to buy the Slx 27 & a extension instead.


I just gave it a good clean & lube up. Replaced the stop tape about 6 weeks ago. It’s never had any real problems, I had to super glue the end cap back on a few months ago, and glued a clamp back on recently but both fine now.


Its over 2 years old so obviously some visible wear/use. 


Price - £150 (Pole on its own)


£200- With a Gardiner DuPont ultimate brush (pretty well worn) 

standard yellown pole hose, female ez snap end, protection ball AND uni valve (univalve fitted 3 months ago works completely fine)



Pm me with any questions.



Thanks very much!



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