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5 minutes ago, THL4KEL said:

What would worry me regarding a fraudulent training centre is  -


If they were willing to lie about training centre status, what other misleading information could there be i.e. course content, does that link up to national guidelines for the specific course or not?


Has the Training been delivered by a qualified trainer who also holds the correct assessment qualifications.

Not just anyone can deliver accredited qualifications/ training courses, you have to the tickets for it.


If that was the case then I would not want to pay full training course rates for should be classed as an - Awareness Session delivered by a competent person.



Ime a  qualified first aid instructor and beacause that comes under the education department you now have to have a teaching qualification, the minimum they will accept is a “ petals course “ , I don’t know if it’s the same for all courses . 

With regards to training most of us train people , especially those that work for us , it’s as far as I know legal to set yourself up and run a training course and Evan issue your own certificate of competence but it’s not worth the paper it’s written on as it’s not approved or recognised by any training agency , providing the person doing the training is doing it correctly and safely and has practically been doing the job then they should know what they are doing and be able to train people how to do it . When I bought my first wfp system the company I bought it off offered a days training as part of the deal , it was ok but after 18 years using wfp I now realise how poor the training was I could now do a far better job as I have 18 years experience doing it , but don’t have any qualifications for cleaning people’s windows , I have had several from this forum come out with us to learn how to use wfp, gutter vaccing, etc , I don’t charge them just show them how to use certain bits of kit , I view this as helping fellow window cleaners , from my experience , but I cannot issue them with any certificates.

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scottish cleaning service

For £490 I received 2 excellent lunches, met a great bunch of guys and was shown many interesting technics as well as equipment. I don't know how anyone can knock it as I have spent more at a race meeting in my younger days. Michael contacted P&G regarding their MSDA sheet on Fairy Liquid. In no uncertain terms should it be mixed with Hypo they told him in a letter. A softwash chap decided to premix a few chems before setting off for a nice little morning's work softwashing. When he came round at the hospital he had no recollection what had happened. Both chems gave off vapors and mixed together in the back of his van and produced muster gas. He was very lucky that he passed out at traffic lights and someone called an ambulance. I believe this nugget of info on its own is worth the whole course price because I know what chems he mixed. I would love to discuss in more detail but I am run off my feet and working 7 days a week to catch up. I want to buy a piece of equipment for 2 grand and I took on too much work not realizing I would be attending the course so I'm run ragged. The funny thing is, I don't do much softwashing or biocide because I mainly do pressure washing but its good to know  when describing it to a customer.

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14 minutes ago, scottish cleaning service said:

For £490 I received 2 excellent lunches, met a great bunch of guys and was shown many interesting technics as well as equipment. I don't know how anyone can knock it as I have spent more at a race meeting in my younger days

I've spent more on a night out and learnt many a thing, nothing you could certificate though. No one is doubting you've learnt, and that you think it was money well spent. What I, and a few others, question is the legitimacy of the certificate. 


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