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Hi Guys, so I am new to wfp and I need some advice on the waste gate valve on my static system. I have a pure freedom ro system but am I struggling to work out the correct waste/pure ratio. Please help. Cheers 

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There is lots on this site regarding pure to waste ratios.


With a lower tap water tds (150ppm) my 4040 performs best with a pure to waste ratio off 55% waste to 45% pure with my water pressure.


However, if your taps water tds is high then you could be looking at 2 waste to 1 pure (ie 2 liters of waste to 1 liter of pure.)


My advise is to get it working at around 2 to 1 and then take tds readings for your r/o pure outlet as you slowly close the waste gate. But never go less than 1 waste to 1 pure. Each time you make an adjustment you need to wait a few minutes to let the r/o settle.


The easiest way is to run the pure into 1 x 20 liter container and run the waste into another next to it. You should get an idea of which way to go by comparing the two levels. You may run into difficulties with trying to get this right though. For example, Pure Freedom drill a hole though the paddle of their gate valve so its impossible to shut the waste off completely and damage the membrane. Unfortunately that hole will give between 2 and 3 liters of waste to 1 liter of pure. Many years ago Merlins were set to a 5 to 1 ratio.


I drilled a much smaller hole through my gate valve paddle, but over time that hole has worn bigger.

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