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Reach-it MINI upgrade ABB Efficiency Pack with Constructor brushes

Le coup de raclette.NET

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Le coup de raclette.NET

1/ Reach-it Mini Pole 7,63 m (25 feet) with its "pole-skin" and "pole-skin hat".

2/ ABB extensions for Reach-it mini until 14,88 m (49 feet) or to have a second Reach-it pole with the included "Reach-it Connect".

3/ "Reach-it Connect" to have a second pole with the ABB extensions included.

4/ 2 Constructor brushes with Hydro-blade rinsebars and « side 2 side » adapters to use the « swivel mode ».

5/ 18 m (59 feet) Rhino Tube (pole hose)

6/ 29,50 m (97 feet) RHINO-HOSE (12x8mm FLAT) possible to have it on a portable reel for 50€ extra

7/ 61 m (200 feet) RHINO-HOSE (12x8mm FLAT) : possible to have it on a portable reel for 50€ extra

8/ Efficiency pack with 4 goosenecks and 3 gooseneck extensions

9/ 4 wall ties for Constructor brushes

10/ 3 fixed adapters for fixing between the pole and the brush.

11/ 1 half "side 2 side" adapter for fixing between the pole and the brush with either fixed or pivot use.

12/ 3 female RHINO-TUBE to Gardena Male adapters.

13/ 3 Gardena female-female adapters.

14/ 5 female Gardena connectors compatible with Rhino-Hose flat hoses.

15/ 2 Gardena connectors with valve (open-close)

16/ 2 Rhino Apex which allow the use of Unger type screw-in brushes.

17/ Reach-it Kink to block the water without having to turn off the water at the tap or at the purification machine.

18/ Brush to clean the inside of the poles.

19/ Set of 7 spare clamps.

20/ Ergonomic handles.

21/ Spare screw set.


Total weight: 14.50 kg (32 lb)

Material is in Binche (Belgium)


Price without postage : 1785 EUR (GBP 1530)

Email : gilles.millecam@lecoupderaclette.net
Phone : +32 471 85 44 30











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38 minutes ago, Le coup de raclette.NET said:

Hi @Pjj,

Weights are following




Thanks for  that I have never seen theses  brushes in the flesh but have read a few reports about them. What do you think of them ? Have you ever used Gardiner brushes ?? What is the difference between the two brushes ? They look similar but huge difference in weight .

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Le coup de raclette.NET

Yes, the weight of the brush is very variable on this kitchen scale 🤣

It depends on how the brush is positioned (look at the pictures enclosed).

I will try to weigh the 2 brushes in a better way this week.

Yes I daily use Gardiner brushes with Gardiner Xtreme and Gardiner CLX poles.

I use mainly Universal Sill soft with cold water and I use both Universal Sill stiff and Xtreme Sill Stiff with hot water.

I also have Gardiner Supreme and Gardiner Supreme Dupont Tapertec.

I also like to use Vikan brushes with flocked bristles in a lot of situations.

The differences between the 2 Reach-it brushes are








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Le coup de raclette.NET

Here is the other video about the spare parts and some infos about the compatibility between Gardiner brushes and Reach-it Constructor brushes :


Have a nice end of weekend

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