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Various Equipment for sale - Trolley, RO, Pole

Daniel Mc

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Afternoon all!

Having a sort out and have a few things to sell.  

I have 2 Xline trolleys (the big 45l orange ones) for sale.  Both with remote and recent new wheels.  They are marked on the top as I usually have a hose reel balanced on top (fits perfectly!) Just aesthetic, doesn’t effect usage. I only have one working charger for this as one is damaged, I usually just take one out for the day leaving the other on charge and then swap over next day.  Looking for £325 with charger £300 without. Both for £550.

I have a Brodex Portapower RO trolley.  Still reading around 7-9 after RO (our water is 370-400) it includes booster and DI vessel as well as 20in prefilter.   We have pretty poor flow rate at our place but I get around 120lph of pure on 60%waste 40%pure. Looking for £450.

I have a well used Gardiner SLX-25 with extra extension.  This is setup as tubeless with univalve though the latter is a bit temperamental at times as usually use remote. £125 including a brush.  I have a number of old brushes in good condition  - you can choose which you’d like with this pole. 

Also to go is a well worn hose reel with around 35m or so of hose. Offers. 

As priced or £1K for the lot.  If you take the lot you can have all the spare brushes that I can find as well!



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