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I cannot wait for tomorrow....


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So, these last 2 weeks I've had 5 days off with a broken van, 2 days off with broken equipment, and 3 days with bad weather.

During this time both me and the wife have had terrible colds, we've had a lot of stress from bills and both been anxious about the weather.


But everything's sorted for tomorrow, so now I have to just get on and get it done, I hope hope hope if everything is well tomorrow weather wise I maybe able to get 3x my usual daily wage done as I've picked work to kickstart a recovery and pay for the bills I haven't managed to pay.


5.30am start, finish will be when it's dark no earlier.


This terrible december will not ruin the year, I won't let it.




Just checked and though it's going to be a clear ***ht which means frost and a drop in temperature it'll be sunny all day... WOOOHOOOO

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Guest badbusdriver

I hear ya masons, sounds like you are due a change in luck!. I was off wed thurs and fri last week, but fairly small round compared to some, so only a couple of days behind schedule, and forecast here (n.e. scotland) looking ok. Its tempting to go flat out when you have lost so much days, but if you have only just got over a bug, that might not be such a good idea, the bug may come back with a vengeance!. Wrap up warm, drink plenty of hot drinks (hot orange if you can stand the taste!), and if you start to feel like s**t, call it a day. Better to lose another half day or 2, than another week or more if you overdo it and the bug comes back. Take it easy dude, and remember what john lee hooker sang; 'if it wasnt for bad luck, i wouldnt have no luck at all'!. :-)

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Thanks for the comments guys, I'm being very careful this year with equipment as lost 2 RO vessels last year. And cannot afford the same mistake this year.lol

I'm based in Yorkshire neil. So we don't get the worst of the weather in the country but not the best either. hehe

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Just got a van back today that was damaged over a ***ht of high winds, these things happen though. We get this every year over winter and do ok, so don't worry about it too much buddy, it will work out, but you have the right at***ude, make the most of the good weather while its there.

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Guest colinvansmith

garden ade try not to be disheartened it just because of the time of year most people just noow leave for work in the dark and return home in the dark so window being clean is not a huge priority, i'd wait until start of feb before starting again

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yes, things will be different in spring. I started in august on a part time basis and full time in november after taking voluntary redundancy. I have got about 65 regular window customers with the cheapest being 4 pound and the most expensive 28 pound. I think I need to get at least another 80 customers, but havent been able to canvass of late because of a big gardening job...still managing to get about 4 new customers a week though. Dont think I will feel settled until I get my full quota of customers....christmas seems like a bit of a barrier at the moment...once that is over it will have to be onwards and upwards. One of my main problems is that I am slow, probably because I am way too fussy...I like to make sure the frames and sills are nice and clean as well. On the plus side, customers do appreciate this so I get quite a few tips and referrals.


best of luck mate

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Its just a pre Christmas thing, over the past couple of years we have started canvassing in Jan/Feb and did not too bad. On the other side of the coin I do see more rounds going up for sale over this time of the year.


Just keep at it Garden A.D.E, you will get there, don't wait around till march/ april or anything like that to get back out there, get out in January and you'll start picking them up. Try canvassing in the evenings, we generally canvas up to about 8 o'clock, and do allot better than we do during the day.


Once you have descend load of customers, you will start getting more and more through word of mouth, and if you are still finding it a bit tight to find work, you can try travelling a little, to the next town etc, or adding a few services onto your window cleaning business like pressure washing or gutter cleaning. You can then just advertise those services to your window cleaning customers, worth a thought.

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i dont charge extra for doing the frames....just feel that it completes the job and the customers like it. With new customers the first clean does take some time as, quite often, the frames and sills are disgusting, but it makes life easier at the next clean. I gained a new customer last week from a short canvass i did a few weeks ago. I quoted him 10 pound. he already has a wfp window cleaner who charges him seven pound but doesent do the frames.....the bloke has accepted my quote....he is happy to pay more, if he sees his frames and sills being cleaned. I am pretty new to this job, but it is a recurrent theme....people want windows, frames and sills doing.

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I have done a few gutter cleans. I must admit, I just tend to price them by gut feeling which is probably the wrong thing to do. I did a terraced house the other day...front and back for 20 quid. it took an hour which isnt too bad.

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