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Essex Wfp Round For Sale

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Description of item:


selling my wfp pole round in braintree and colchester as been offered a supervisors position on a local scaffold firm.


around 200 customers, all very compact, well priced work onthe newest estates in each area, no council estates or rough areas!!


the round takes £2300 every 4 weeks, broken down this is £1800 every 4 weeks, and around £800 every 8 weeks.


happy for buyer to work during handover with me, and to meet all custys.



work takes me 8-10 days to complete each month, ussually earn 200-240 a day for 6 hours.



Price: £ 10,000. on near offer.






Post replies are turned off in this area, if you are interested in my item please contact me via PM (Private Message)

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