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  1. BubbleGuy

    Wet vs. Dry (For The Love of Liquidator series)

  2. Eric Gilliand

    Unger Pole Tip and Exelerator

    For those that are using the Unger Extension Poles and wondering whether the Moerman Excelerator is compatible with it. The answer is YES. The fit isn't absolutely perfect but it WILL lock on by utilising the hole in the Moerman handle close to the end and on the bottom of the handle. To get a...
  3. Chimeara

    1st Day using Liquidator

    Hmmm well i have worked all day cleaning approx 40 semi's Using Moerman liquidator with Razr red facelift rubber. One min it seems great then for no apparent reason it leaves fine lines on the glass. If i use the rubber in a standard unger channel the are no problems at all. I have been using...
  4. DannyB

    Moerman aluminium un-notched squeegee channels

    Hi everyone Apart from 3 sizes of Moerman Liquidator channels, I've recently bought also two un-notched aluminium Moerman non-Liquidator channels: 6' and 12'. The both aluminium channels came with no clips, and I consider using the channels on the same black and pale blue Moerman handles that...
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