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  1. Neilmnwc

    Caravan and Mobile Home Cleaning Help

    Hi All, I've been asked by one or two customers to clean their caravan exterior, I priced a twin axle mobile tourer up at £60 top to bottom today. Does anyone think I've over egged the price or is that about right? It's got a algae on the roof and sides. I priced it estimating a couple of...
  2. Clearview Lee

    A random call...

    Hi all. I just got a random phone call from a roof cleaning company who's guys are there present still on a job. They're asking me if I'd go and clean the big house with two conservatories + roofs tomorrow. My question is, how does one go about this?? I mean, it all sounded legit, but would u...
  3. Sonic

    Window cleaner needed

    Good morning guys, I am looking for a part time window cleaner to help me in the Cambridge area. It will go to full time over a period off time. They need to be able to use trad and wfp system. If you know anyone who may be interested please let me know. I can train anyone up so experience is...
  4. Alex87

    Pricing help for metal cladding

    Done a inside and out window clean on this today and I have been asked to quote to clean all the metal cladding. Done a test patch with wfp and screw fix degreaser and it came up well. This would be my first of this size and just after a bit of help with how long you guys think it would take...
  5. Beer

    Graffiti removal

    Hello just had a call for removal of graffiti on pvc and pebble dash any recommendations wouldn't mind giving it a try thanks Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  6. Craigyboy007

    New sign writing is working great

    Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  7. A

    Marks on Stone Paving Slabs

    A customer has asked me if I can get these marks off his newly laid paving.. They used apoxy resign in between the joints. I'm thinking it maybe something to do with that, I've tried hypo & nothing changed, he's tried brick acid & nothing changed. See pics, hopefully someone will know of a fix...
  8. Daniel Perkins

    Removing sealer from Imprinted concrete

    Posted this in the pressure washing thread which probably wasn't the appropriate place, so I thought I would give it a thread of its own maybe get some advice. Basically what I said was, when I moved into my house imprinted concrete already done (Steadman Buff) and sealed but bad job. Concrete...
  9. A

    Concrete removal from brick

    Does anyone know of a product to remove concrete runs from brick work? Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  10. mark m

    Caravan deck cleaning

  11. Skxawng

    How would you clean it?

    I've got six of these high glass arches I've done off a ladder but I'm on my own at moment so nobody to foot it. Too steep an angle to go up otherwise. Last few times I've put a pad on the end of my pole and brought down the pole and sprayed the pad between each pane. Is there a better way? Thanks.
  12. Parky

    Just Cleaned two Carvans this morning.

    No mentions of this on here often. Talking to the customers not many people seem to do it? I charged them £30 each. This included. Three sides (awning on the other) and roof. Seems to be a decent money maker. Anyone else done this or got any advice? I used an older brush head and some Ubik...
  13. Dave Maycock

    Greenhouse cleaning!

    Hi guys Don't know if anyone else has tried much of this? We've done a few. (Before and after attached) think we charged about £50 at the time. I'm currently pushing a Facebook ad for it at a small expense to see what comes back. We soak in jeyes fluid then wash down, as requested by customer...
  14. CleanVision

    Rounds app

    I'm needing a app for iPhone so I can sort out the rounds and on my phone saving paper and inks
  15. J

    Parking Tickets

    Hi guys. New to the forum. I was curious how people deal with parking tickets. I got my first one ever yesterday when I was working in an area where all the spaces were gone. Admittedly, I was on double yellows and bang to rights but would have thought there would have been a bit of leeway for...
  16. I

    Best canvassing company to use

    Hi are there any people you can recommend who find new business for you? Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  17. I

    Best mid size van for window cleaning

    Hi anyone advise what is a good choice of a window clean van in mid size range? Peugeot/ford? Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  18. Matt Clarke

    I feel very lucky. Damn Doris!!

    i was 2 seconds away from being under this yesterday!!
  19. Dave Maycock

    Chimney access

    These little ability ladders are rather handy for accessing awkward places! Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  20. C

    Skyvac Atom

    Anybody in hear have a Skyvac Atom? Are they any good & worth the money, cheers? Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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