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  1. J

    Best vans and pics ?

    Hey all thinking of getting another van soon but wondered what the best vans are for realiability and price, I'm a vw fan anyway and currently looking into the ex British gas caddy maxi vans, pics and recommendations greatly appreciated, cheers guys
  2. B

    Best flooring for van

    Hi, trying to decide the best flooring for my van, I obviously need it to be practical firstly but also look smart even after a lot of use.  I have seen a fibreglass floor which was fine but was quite scratched up after a while. I have seen someone with an aluminium checked floor which looked...
  3. V

    Vauxhall Combo Van, 1.3 CDTI Diesel. 350L DI System.

    PRICE: £2495 DESCRIPTION: This van is in excellent condition, and had been fully kitted out with a WFP DI system. The floor has had Linex professionally installed for protection from rust. This is not the cheap paint that chips off and has to be re-applied regularly, it’s professionally...
  4. luca

    Stickers off original van ready for newer branding tomorrow...

    Definitely happy I didn't attemp taking the old vinyls off myself and polishing... both vans will look the same as of Monday also a smart car Thursday for me running around in and when the next one comes in a couple of months the brand will really start to make an impact on the streets aswel as...
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