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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all. So I’m just starting to do some commercial trad pole work. I have 19 years experience as a domestic window cleaner. Never really used a pole though apart from the odd velux here and there. Question is - what is the best wagtail to use for pole work? I will try start off with a 14 inch. But would I use the slimline flipper, the pvc flipper, or the new high flyer? What is so different about the high flyer? Or should I scrap all those and just get the liquidator? And is the wagtail angle arm essential? Thanks.
  2. Hi all, I have just been told the smallest wagtail slimline channel is 14" and nothing else is compatable. Would I be safe to cut down a 14 channel down to say 10 and it not affect performance? Cheers Jason
  3. Guido Possum

    Fastest Wagtail Mod EVER

    Finally - a use for the cheap peice of :turd: I've got a small boutique to do tomorrow, so I'll take it with me and let y'all know how it goes ;)
  4. I'll be doing the weekly window-clean at the Supa IGA tomorrow. I'll take this contraption with me and see how we get along, since I do the supermarket windows every week, there's only fingerprints to clean off each time, and since I do it under contract with the company who employs me anyway I'd rather experiment on their job than my own windows.
  5. I purchased a wagtail and fitted it with a liquidator 14 inch channel and razr rubber I also have a standard hamdle with a 10 inch liquidator channel with the black rubber it came with. When using the wagtail combo, i just cant get it to work. Constantly leaving streaks or water in the middle of the window and loads around the edge in small areas. Im just not getting the benefits im meant to. Ive tried more soap/less soap, more water, holding it at different angles, different pressures etc etc. Sometimes I have a good window but all too rare. Im wondering if the razr rubber is good in scotland at this time of year? Have i put the channel in at the right angle(looks ok)?, Are the end clips bent in enough(ive tried a lot of different angles)? I definitely see a difference with the 10 inch and normal handle and blacl rubber but again im not getting the benefit that im meant to with the liquidator.
  6. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Wagtail advice

    Last time I bought a Wagtail it was yellow. I liked that one. I have a lot and I do mean a lot of retail glass to do (a shopping center) short poles and hand held. What is the current recommendation for a wagtail for this? My old yellow one was perfect for this type of stuff. I need a straight to the packet option. I don't want to mess about 'modding' one. Cheers.

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