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  1. A

    Which wagtail? Need help

    Hi all. So I’m just starting to do some commercial trad pole work.  I have 19 years experience as a domestic window cleaner. Never really used a pole though apart from the odd velux here and there.  Question is - what is the best wagtail to use for pole work? I will try start off with a 14...
  2. 1

    Wagtail slimline channel

    Hi all, I have just been told the smallest wagtail slimline channel is 14" and nothing else is compatable. Would I be safe to cut down a 14 channel down to say 10 and it not affect performance? Cheers Jason
  3. Guido Possum

    Fastest Wagtail Mod EVER

    Finally - a use for the cheap peice of :turd: I've got a small boutique to do tomorrow, so I'll take it with me and let y'all know how it goes ;)
  4. Guido Possum

    Wagtail Precision Glide test drive

    I'll be doing the weekly window-clean at the Supa IGA tomorrow. I'll take this contraption with me and see how we get along, since I do the supermarket windows every week, there's only fingerprints to clean off each time, and since I do it under contract with the company who employs me anyway...
  5. Craig Carr

    Struggling with liquidator wagtail combo

    I purchased a wagtail and fitted it with a liquidator 14 inch channel and razr rubber I also have a standard hamdle with a 10 inch liquidator channel with the black rubber it came with. When using the wagtail combo, i just cant get it to work. Constantly leaving streaks or water in the middle...
  6. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Wagtail advice

    Last time I bought a Wagtail it was yellow. I liked that one. I have a lot and I do mean a lot of retail glass to do (a shopping center) short poles and hand held. What is the current recommendation for a wagtail for this? My old yellow one was perfect for this type of stuff. I need a...
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