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**FOR SALE** 2016 Transit Custom limited with 700l 2 man tank


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For Sale:
- 2016 Transit Custom limited 290
- ULEZ compliant
- 100k miles
- Full service history
- 2 owners
- MOT expires 30/10/2024
- Timing belt recall completed Sept 23

Water System:
- 2 man ionic systems 700l triton water system
- New RO membrane Sept 23

£17k o.n.o
*price includes removal of van signage

Hi… just a quick question. I am looking for an auto ford transit custom. I see you have the 700l tank and the 290 custom. Is the payload of the 290 enough to take a 700 litres (700 kg) plus ladders passengers etc. I am a bit confused by all the ratings. I am going to get the waterworks tank which on its own weighs 185kgs plus 700 kg for the water and I’m getting quite close to the legal payload on a custom 290. Lovely van by the way 😊
Hi Chez.

Ta! 👍🏻

I got mine installed by ionic, they advised that it was good for it and I’ve never had any problems. I start with a full tank fairly regularly but I do work on my own and don’t have any other heavy equipment in the van, excluding ladders. Ionic tell me the NEW customs have higher payloads btw, with these models we are pushing it with a 700l. obviously new new ones are mega expensive currently though.

Good luck!
Hi Adamski, that’s great and thanks for the info. Hope you are able to sell your vehicle. Looking forward to getting a Ford custom too.
All the best 👍😊