Harrogate Round for sale

Discussion in 'Items For Sale' started by celgt4, Nov 30, 2013.

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  1. celgt4

    celgt4 Newcomer

    May 1, 2012
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    Window cleaning round for sale
    Tel Neil. 07790 128 615

    This is a start today earn today business with all the equipment you will need plus web site and software tools to expand quickly and easily. This advert is due to ill health. I have built up a window cleaning round in and around Harrogate. At its height I had 250 customers with an average clean of just under £10 per house. I have reduced this to about 70 customers who all pay on line into my bank or on the day. This is not a sale of bad payers and problem clients you will normally find. This is the cream of my round. Nice customer who will pay and don’t moan or whinge. The average income for this round is £750 per month and can be done in 3-4 days depending on your stamina! A hatch back car is all you really need although I did upgrade to a van. The price includes, training on the pure water reach and wash system, R.O set up, how to canvass and talk to clients to achieve the best results. And all the equipment.
    Potential for next year; 150 old clients who were last cleaned in July; I would expect 100 of these could be put back on the books. 15000 leaflets which should return 3-5% take up. The web site gains 1-10 clients per month. This can grow if you want it too.

    Web site, Full SEO and on line, gaining new business every week.
    4 x poles with brushes of varying lengths and all ancillaries ie pipes, trigger, couplings etc
    400 litre tank 10x 25litre tubs
    2x powered back pack 18litre and 15litre with chargers
    Reverse Osmosis system plus pump.
    2 x De-ironising vessels
    Professionally printed leaflets, 15000. Will return aprox 150 new customers when delivered.
    Advice on canvassing and gaining new business
    Full training given on reach to wash and window cleaning.
    All the computer back up you will need to keep records.
    Printing templates and spread sheets
    £750 per month income from 70 customers’ ish
    150 potential customers who used to be cleaned and should be retainable
    £35-45 per hour achievable with a bit of hard work