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Large Domestic Solar Panel clean - Need help with pricing!


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Need to ak for assistance from the knowledge of the forum for this one...

Been asked by a customer if I can clean their solar panels, no problem thinks me, £5 per panel as per usual....

Turns out they have 68 panels!! Full "potential" off-grid eco home type thing. Thankfully it is only 1 level so bungalow height roofs for cleaning, but they are spread across 3 sides of the (large) property. He attempted to clean one side with a pole and tap water, but got a bit fed up with getting soaked :ROFLMAO:

But im not really sure what to quote, at mentioning £5 per panel he nearly fell over, and to be honest, looking at the panels there is the odd bird poop mark, and a very slight green hue which should come off quite easy, so its not going to be one of those horrible lichen scraping jobs that'll cost hundreds and hundreds. From what I gather he does work in the building/design trade so has an idea of tradesmans daily rates etc. Not sure he sees window cleaning as a skilled trade though!

The extra money would be very handy, but at the same time, don't want to break my back for pennies. Just wondered if anyone else has come across a similar setup?
I've attached an ariel view of the house, solar marked in green, access/pathways marked in blue.


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We do 100 panels for a hotel on single storey roof takes one man 2:5-3:0 hours as access on the backs difficult and charge £400 they earn the hotel between 10-12k per year so think that’s reasonable


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Looks quite a similar layout/access from those photos. Using the same panel to cost ratio, the ones im looking at come out at £272, which sounds about where I was aiming for with a little discount from the £5 per panel for it being a bungalow and all in one place. Think they said they are making £3-400 a year from the electric company with no power ever drawn from the grid, so hopefully a clean will help them get close to that hotel :ROFLMAO:

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