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Discussion in 'Traditional Window Cleaning' started by Hayden, Jun 7, 2015.

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  1. Hayden

    Hayden Member

    Sep 8, 2014
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    Good evening, I'd like a little more information on RO Systems,

    So it filters to the water too make it pure? As simple as that?

    Can it be something I have in my van rather than my house? I currently live at my girlfriends and I don't think her mum would appreciate it stuck in the way.

    Any suggested systems either?

  2. cheapncheerful


    Jan 31, 2014
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    hi sorry no one seems to have spotted your post yet they will shortly...

    I have my ro in my extension so cant comment on van systems and I am still very hybrid so dont use wfp all the time..

    it is as simple as you said ...tap water in one end pure out the other...although...dont forget to search about tedious creep...

    every so often you unscrew the pre filters and change them so easy peasy to do...

    the see through sediment canister is easy to see when its ready for a change..

    the beauty of a van mount system is ...

    if you know your custy isnt about....

    and they have an outside tap....

    you can fill up whilst you clean ....

    also ...there are systems which purify straight from the tap to the pole but as not all houses have outside taps not always useful but as a back up okay..

    of course it all depends on your incoming tds in your tap water...

    I mean some windies have lovely lovely low tds and some live in the hellish 400ppm plus areas...

    me around 170ish..

    good luck and some one like the legend sprucey:D will help you soon....