Tell them straight from the off.

Discussion in 'Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning' started by Eddie dragon, Jan 14, 2016.

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  1. Eddie dragon

    Eddie dragon Active Member

    Jan 13, 2016
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    Hi bit of a long one but title says what it means.
    I rent work out from my former employer. His frase. I changed the hand over letter to sub contract. As it sounds better.
    Anyway still with other windi in December when he picks up a big barn conversion. Windows were miging. Lots of tiny little wooden frames thick with spiders. Boss climes up and over roof tiles, and sits on the ridge to clean sky lights. (metal I think).
    I turn up today as in the village. Pull in to drive and am greated by a baffled husband. No idea about window cleaning will ring the wife. Do you won't a brew as your hear. Never say no to a brew me.
    Decided to pull a bit of hose out get a proper look at sky light at the front. Already decided to tell them the back one carnt be done. The long extention prevents any angle. Carnt see more than the top six inches. Hence the boss hanging of the ridge tiles. Previous boss was a glass only man. Frames were given a bit of slap dash. So still got webs on the frames. Reach in the van for the pole.turn to find husband retuning with a brew. Wife's on the way he says so I will let you get started. Ten minutes later I have done sky light and the six top windows. Turned the flow up and rinsed the hell out of it. Frames turned up good with a bit of a scrub.wife arives says hi and goes inside. So I starts the bottoms,done two when they both come out and approach. Switch the flow of turn to them We didn't know you were coming today. OK I'm just taking over the area so you are on the books as regular, every five weeks. No no not every five weeks says the husband. It's been seven years since we moved in love. How mutch is it m8?. 45 I tell him, bloody hell he says every five weeks. I offer Regular maintenance cleans at 5 or 10 weekly I told him. A voice from behind replys oh that's good can you give me a price for every ten weeks starting today if possible It's the nabour. At this point it starts to mizzle a bit. Oh you carnt Finnish in the rain says customer. Oh this isn't rain I reply besides my water is purer that the rain. Let me Finnish and I guarantee it will dry spotless. Both accepted. What's more husband one is going to fix the gate in the back fence. It's miles round through a field of cows. Long as I avoid the pats, trolly access fixed. He also agreed that there is a huge amount of glass in the court yard. And that 45 is a fair price. Both told I don't need them to be in for access so will turn up in ten weeks, clean and drop a card. Job done.