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Hi everyone, been lurking for a while looking at tips and thought I'd sign up. I inherited a round in September last year in a large village a couple of miles north of Petersfield. Have about fifty houses that get traditionally cleaned every six weeks. Unfortunately for me the cleaner I took the round off hadn't put his prices up ever and he started the round over twenty years ago so after a couple of cleans I gave everybody the bad news expecting to lose a quite few but as it turned out I've only lost about three since I started and as luck would have it I never liked those ones anyway and I've managed to pick up about half a dozen. Window cleaning is not my full time job so the round is about the size I can manage in the time I have available, I do have an issue but will try to post that in the relevant forum. Thanks in advance for helping a newbie.

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Thanks Smurf, I didn't have much choice, the rates i inherited wouldn't have been worth the effort, I could have made almost as much working for Mcdonalds, I still consider the prices to be a bit cheap but I suppose I don't have to worry too much about being undercut. I have never worked for myself before and am enjoying learning a new skill, having no one to answer to and organising a schedule to suit myself.

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hi and welcome Danfire...sounds like you got the round off me....i not putting up the prices enough either...although since i have been on here....i be sneaking them up ....well they pay the gardener, milkman,etc and if they say to me how much? its time to sneak it up...


i think most custys know if you are too cheap and some put it up for me...bless em. good luck in the future..and keep us informed of your progress....:D

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Guest kahoona

welcome Dan as a noob myself from a few months ago I can say you have come the right place, loads of good info on here and the guys are really helpful. good luck mate.

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Thanks all, some great info on here and did check out some of the videos, particularly liked the squeegee technique vid, I thought I wasn't too bad but now I'm thinking I can improve and I'm looking forward to getting out again, shame the rounds finished for a couple of weeks, might have to do my own house again. Seen some great kit people are using, the ankalad looks useful, think I might have to invest in one of those and a decent stand off for the guttering jobs, probably need to bite the bullet and get some insurance as well.

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