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Brush Survey - Which do you use? s


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HI guys which brush do we all use and any definatley better than others from those who have tried lots?


I will kick it off with my fav although only tried 4


mine is gardiner supreme hybrid - medium

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Dual trim medium mixed for maintenance cleans with swivel neck, dual trim medium flocked for first cleans complete with fan and pencil jets, Extreme dual trim for +30', Tecbuk hybrid for +30' leaded, sill brush with fans for S/F/G. I have a bespoke Tecbuk full boars hair that gets used very very rarely. Got loads of others that don't get used. I got an Xline flocked the other week and tried it for a couple of days last week but not convinced with it.

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tecbuk hibrid every day brush

tecbuk black leaded windows and realy filfy glass

super lite meadum mixed rinsing on the glass at hight

supreme soft hibrid for areas that u dont need a lot of scrub or rinsing on glass at hight

super lite semmy flocked shop signs,gutters ect and conny roofs

stiff radius sill never gets used

extreme blue hibrid never gats used

there all my brushes:D

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Gardiner medium mixed sill or supreme medium hybrid for regular cleans, extreme medium mixed on high 2nd floor and above (anything I can't reach with my 22') and Gardiner flocked sill brush for first cleans, gfs, conny roofs and anything mancky.

I've tried a pro-window brush which was good weight and performance for the price, a good first brush and would possibly last forever but just not as good as Gardiner brushes and a DrSqueegee sill saver brush which must have weighed about a kilo...utter s##te, oh and a Gardiner Soft fully flocked cladding brush which would probably be great if you used it just to protect the shine on clean painted surfaces but if you show it any rough treatment it just turns into a mass of twisted knotted bristles.

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Supreme soft flocked mainly, love the glide over the glass, just seems to move a little bit free'er than the other soft brushes, anything dirtier I use the medium mixed supreme but I also love using the extreme medium mixed sometimes if I'm in a light pole mood!!

Just tried the xline flocked and the stock was too big when wiping across sills etc and felt a tad heavy, decent scrubbing power but nothing better than my soft flocked in my oppinion!

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Gardiner medium supreme every day brush. Gardiner supreme soft leaded. Tecbuk first clean hybrid. 68% boars hair but I don't like the wonky jets but it is the best for first cleans. In my opinion. Gardiner medium sill brush con roof's fascia etc. Always swapping jets some days I like pencil others fans.

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i put my extreme medium mixed on today and took it off after 1 job, i know its built for lightness but the stock was banging against the frame due to hardly any bristles like the supreme superlite etc and along some of the white sills you could see the brush marks where it hadnt wiped some of the dirt off and im not talking about a first clean, this was regular monthly job!!

not a fault by any means as again all built for lightness however i cant get away from the supreme soft flocked,i absolutely love that brush lol

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