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Please can you tell what way up to hold the handle thingy? Should the fluffy thing be at the top or the red plastic worm like thing with a metal connector on the end????? :thumbsdown::thumbsdown::thumbsup: :iaminnocent:

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I thought this was a thread about cleaning your pole :confused:....What does SEO mean :confused:. :think::think:

It means dirty Mark keeps posting up links to his website or blog, and everytime one of us clicks it, it helps his site go up the google rankings.:thumbsup:

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According to gav, links from here don't help seo at all, because he didn't want people spamming the forum with links. So it won't make any difference to @Dirty Marks Cleaning website at all!


So marks done it in vain :P



That's why rhino man cottoned on last time and tried to get people to search his website through Google - remember?


So Mark, it's a waste of time... And your not one step ahead of me, cos I sit pretty a the top of Google :D:D:D


And never once did I post my website in this forum :D

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because "water fed pole window cleaning" is a massively searched term for people looking for a window cleaner isnt it?


not to mention its no follow on here


and be carefull with that exact match anchor text...too much and google will consider it spam

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