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Anyone cleaned inside conservatory? How to do it?

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Customer has called and asked if I can clean inside of conservatory, particularly the uPVC.

He says it's yellow (smoker).

How would you go about this, and is it possible to clean up the yellow staining from smokers?

My thoughts are step ladder and magic sponge.

This isn't his conservatory but it's a similar size and style:




Any advice much appreciated!





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We have done a fair few nicotine conservatories, they are time consuming but actually comes off quite easily with glass cleaner or a multi purpose cleaner just spray on and wipe off, take loads of cloths or paper roll and charge well as it's messy and sticky

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clear every thing out and squeegee the glass u will need ubik2000 in your trad bucket a good glug wet the white upvc as u go with your mop and wipe as u go u will need lots of micro cloths  and mop up the drips after job done a little tip do it on a cold day as u will be sweeting your ars off :1f44d:

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