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[SOLD] Small round for sale WFP stoke-on-trent

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Window Cleaning round for sale. WFP work. Area of Stoke is Birches Head. Established 3+ years. Excellent paying customers that pay on day or via bank transfer. No collections needed. 
Work generates £183 per month all houses in round are 4 weekly cleans. 16 properties. Average of £11.50 per house. Takes 1 man 6-7 hours without rushing. 
All work is within 1 mile radius. Very compact. Only selling because I commute to Stoke which takes me over 1hr so I am getting more work closer to where I live. 
In no rush to sell. Want 4x round £730. Not much room for movement on price as really is a nice compact round with great customers. 
Am more than happy to introduce you to the customers. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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