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Are window cleaners still allowed to work during Coronavirus (Covid-19)?

Markyboy 50

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28 minutes ago, north said:

Working on the North East coast today

Where abouts? Whitburn and Seaburn beaches were very busy yesterday

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Hey all, been trying to keep up on this topic, which is quite hard right now with the volume of posts being added each day.  I just want to make a note here that there isn't a right or wrong answ

Maybe this will help clear things up. Official Coronavirus guidelines: 1. Basically, you can't leave the house for any reason, but if you have to, then you can. 2. Masks are useless, bu

Ordered a Chinese to my house. the Chinese driver pulls up and walks to the door and I walked out to meet him.  He started shouting isolate isolate.  I said mate calm down your not that late

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34 minutes ago, Part Timer said:

Where abouts? Whitburn and Seaburn beaches were very busy yesterday

I was a little further up _Seaton Sluice. Gorgeous day it was.


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14 minutes ago, scottish cleaning service said:

Is there any help for the self employed yet?

Not yet,waiting to see what is said at 8.30

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11 minutes ago, north said:

I was a little further up _Seaton Sluice. Gorgeous day it was.


I do a care home just off Cowpen Road and one in Shiremoor

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19 minutes ago, Part Timer said:

I do a care home just off Cowpen Road and one in Shiremoor

Both parts of my stomping ground Blyth & Shiremoor. There must be a couple of thousand newbuilds bolted on to Shiremoor now. They could all be getting that txt tomorrow - see you in 3 months, or whatever.

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3 hours ago, kevinc250 said:

i've decided after today that's me finished for the next few weeks/maybe months, we as window cleaners lead solitary lives not really having contact with customers which is ideal and makes you feel very safe which is true but, whilst i'm pretty much safe my wife has copd which in the normal day to day normality is easy to cope with driving around today theres so many cockwombles having takeaway brews mass groups just chatting all being close together older people not giving a flying f*** .

last Monday I cleaned a house where I go inside and clean the bedroom window, no problem I thought come Wednesday I felt dizzy and light headed, I e mailed them to ask about any illnesses and it turns out the daughter came back from new Zealand and shortly afterwards they all had some illness could be corona who knows but imaging if it was and how many people in those three days I could have passed this onto, it really brings it home guys and its not really funny anymore 

Hi Kevin , hope you and the wife are ok , I know what you mean if ones suffer from copd or any other respiratory issues they need to be very careful, we are still working at the moment but don’t  think it will be long before it’s taken out of our hands we have stopped doing any internal windows a couple of weeks ago not that we do many mainly care,nursing homes   , the worrying factor was it was me that said we wouldn’t go inside they were happy for us to do it !!! , I have had an email today from a very large national company that we do  a lot of work for including communal internal windows cancelling insides but happy for us to do outsides provided we phone first to let them know when we will be arriving. I hope you have a nice rest whilst off , I will be sorting out the thermopure I had off you if we get lock down give me something to do as I will go mad being cooped up for weeks on end 😂😂

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There's hundreds being built just off Cowpen as well, right beside the care home I do. Has made the windows filthy for the last 6 months. usually there first week in month, doubt that will apply in April or May.

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us brits are weird in a sense, we do nothing until the last dinner gong sounds and then we get that Dunkirk spirit and suddenly it all works and we work as a nation,

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I normally wait until the roads   have been adopted before canvassing new estates, otherwise you are literally trying to clean a building site, Dusty all summer swamp like all winter.

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I am being careful and not closing until it is completely enforced. If this is (as they say) 18 months worst case scenario then its a hell of a long time to be closed, especially while there’s still no realistic package coming through for the self employed. I have a family to keep, our rent, council tax & bills have not been excused, and even if it was, just like the income tax bill, will have to be paid at a later stage. The only way i will stop (other than being legally forced to) is by being offered financial immunity as someone mentioned in another post. I dont fancy digging myself a financial hole if it can be avoided. Still got the odd enquiry coming in. No need for close contact as others have said. We’re all being told to do our bit for the sake of our country but just remember were being left out here. Clearly we arent valued by the state in the same way employees are

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15 minutes ago, steve garwood said:

Big announcement coming tonight. 
Maybe we will all be stopping 😩

Shut down for 3 weeks as of tonight

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steve garwood
Just now, Part Timer said:

Shut down for 3 weeks as of tonight

Don’t know what to do after that. We need to travel, however our job isn’t absolutely necessary 🤔

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I think we all need to stop working otherwise this will drag on for more than three weeks.





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