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Markyboy 50

Are window cleaners still allowed to work during Coronavirus (Covid-19)?


There are many concerned about the future of our businesses and finances me included! The forum is here for anyone to discuss with their own opinions, but the clear message is STAY AT HOME the sooner we all do this, the sooner everyone can get on top of this virus and get past it. 
I get it; some don't have savings or finances to fall back on. Neither do I and I am genuinely worried about my financial future, but we are all in the same situation, all we can do is be sensible and be kind. The sensible option and the one we would advise is to STAY HOME.

If you are looking for official info, please look at this post. 



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Dave B

I like to know what I'm talking about and am into geeky science stuff anyway so always research stuff.

I hate when people spout half truths or wrong info as fact as any info you want can be found if you look as long as it has already been discovered. 

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Andy Hill

I've knocked up a t-shirt with 'I don't wanna catch coronavirus' printed on it. I wear it everywhere I go!! 😉 

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4 hours ago, steve garwood said:


Get a  woman .you've been in to long .😂

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Ac window

Been told to carry on in a safe manner up here in Scotland. But as far as I'm concerned it's not worth the risk majority of customers are the older ones at risk yes it's ok to continue on. But its morally wrong and your basically adding to the problem right now everyone should be locked down 

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2 hours ago, Pjj said:

Think you will find there are  18/strains  of it before this one that’s why it’s called covid 19 as there are already 18 known ones from years before , I me guessing that there will be several strains of covid  19 some worse than others just like the flu or common cold has many variables , not everyone has the same symptoms , but guessing all this will become more apparent as more knowledge is gained about this virus . 

Covid 19 is  named after 2019 as it started in China 2019. . 

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