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Ladders placement


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Just took over a traditional round with house similar to this, where would people suggest putting the ladders to avoid the gutters? At the end and climb across or pull them right out, I’ve got no one footing the ladder? 


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scottish cleaning service

Most of us use a wfp so we don't have this scenario. Buy a backpack and wfp and source some pure water to fill it with. The backpack sits on a sack trolley so you can wheel it about with you. Fairly soon you will be wfp the tops and trading the bottoms and have no need for the ladders unless you clean gutters out. 😉

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I highly recommend getting a proper window cleaning point. You can put the point on the brick reveal at the side of the window frame and pitch the ladder at 45degrees across the window. Then when you get up there it’s not too much of a stretch.

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You should be able to get the small one from the side of the lower apex roof, you shouldn’t have to lean too far to reach it properly and safely. For the one above the bay I’d extend my ladder right up and rest it on the fascia just below the top gutter. Your ladder should be at a safe enough pitch to go up unfooted. The only problem is that I can’t see what’s on the ground were you will be sitting your ladder. Always use ladder mitts when resting on painted or pvc surfaces so that you don’t mark them. They also act as an anti slip in wet weather as there’s nothing more dangerous than ally on wet pvc on a breezy day. Also may be an idea to invest in a ladder matrix for those wet days although you won’t see many carrying them round on their trad rounds as they are too bulky but ok for those jobs were it’s easy enough to nip back to the van for it and most deffo a good set of ladder spikes.(they are just as good as being footed as long as you can find a good place to rest them). 

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scottish cleaning service

Finally converted my last two Trad customers to wfp because I don't clean from a ladder now. If they are still not happy then they will need to find a Trad cleaner but most are going down the wfp route. 😉

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What cleanco said, use the fascia to rest the ladder on and lean down to the window

I rarely use ladders now, but I used to use large tent pegs as ladder footers, just kept them in the bucket in case I needed them

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