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Hiring canvassers/salespeople


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Hi Guys,

Recently been on a mission to expend the business and take it to the next level.

Been looking into hiring canvassers and just wondering if anyone has taken this route and what you paid them? Whether it was commission only or salaried.

Is canvassing even the way to go anymore or are there better alternatives people are using? 

Just a general discussion and any advice is welcome.


Thanks in advance

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No experience in paying people to canvas but you need to incentivise them but only pay the 'bonus' once first clean has been carried out! You also need to be paying minimum wage and be careful to do it in a legal way. 

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6 minutes ago, Part Timer said:

There's a sponsor on here, @buildmyround, and @Green Pro Clean Ltd generate leads. Might be worth having a chat with these to see if they can offer you a cost effective way of expanding your business. Always worried about getting people that don't know the industry to represent me.

That is a good point that I didn't think of. You'd probably have to do extensive training.


I've used greens leads before they are okay but too wide spread for what I need.


Will look at buildmyround though thanks

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