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40/40 RO system


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3 minutes ago, smearclear said:

 What should my 40/40 filter system water be reading on the  PPI meter be before i connect the resin bottle.


Depends in your tap TDS and pressure to a degree 

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You need to provide more info, have you recently changed membranes and not done so correctly have you ran your system for months without a prefilter change is the waste open fully so minimal production of pure  🤷‍♂️

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We have had a few posters with slow r/o production rates finding that their water pressure has dropped when they though it was ok.

The only way to ensure your water pressure is ok its to measure it with a pressure gauge.

My 4040 is producing water much slower this winter. The water coming through our taps is cold.

At one time we had a problem with sediment in our water. I would sometimes have to change the sediment filter once a month but the carbon block once every 3rd month. When the sediment filter gets blocked flow through the r/o is restricted and pressure on the membrane reduced.

If you live in a very hard water area the membrane can get blocked with calcium deposits.

What is you waste to pure ratio set at?

How old is the membrane? His often do you replace prefilters?

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Waste is open just a bit. I did open the red waist tap fully and noticed there was air in the system i ran it until it run normal then closed the red waist  tap. Will this help to flush the filters when you open the waist tap fully.  I change the filters every couple of months change my membrane 6 months ago.  Sediment filter was medium brown when changed after two months. Do you think cold weather is slowing the water.  I changed the small filters yesterday and the water started flowing normal then  twenty minutes later it went back to a trickle flow again. Sorry if i put this answer up too many times did not realize how to post back.

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Mine is still slow. 
With tap pressure at 80 I usually make 175ish ltrs an hour , at the moment in the cold I’m only making 100-125. 

I need some patience. 

it reads between 10-12 before resin. 

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2 hours ago, smearclear said:

It was the cold weather...Now the weather is warmer the water is flowing a bit more like it should do.

Its more to do with the temperature of the tap water. We can still get a reasonable performance from the r/o well in winter. But it can be heading into summer before the r/o picks up again.

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