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Vision V2.....Anyone using this?


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Anyone using this? Did a search but it came back with threads years old. Wondered if anyone is using this and adding to there tank? It's intriguing me. Some people say it works really well and others saying they didn't notice a difference from just using straight forward pure? 

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Well somebody has lit the blue touch paper. 🤣 I'm off to get some marsh mallows.

Just to kick things off I'm going to vote for snake oil.

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Don’t intend getting into a debate about this just to say only thing needed is pure , there have been numerous posts about this subject before 

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I tried additives liked the bubbles at first but had issues with some leaded windows spotting allmost lost a coumstor because of spotting so switched back to pure non issues since also tried a test on sea front one big window with pure other with additive the pure one stayed cleaner for longer 🤷‍♂️ thats  me tho good luck to any one who likes using them 😀

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I used it for a bit years ago...it caused a big gloopy mess in the bottom of my tank after 6 months...it also slowed me down as the bubbles on the glass  looked like bits left on the glass so I was over rinsing.....


Imo it's not needed and a waste of money....

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I think there are some guys on here who do use additives? So I have a question for the guys that do. Are you the sort of window cleaner who is fastidious about your TDS, or are you the sort of window cleaner who thinks that a few PPM doesn't matter?

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I use vision. Cant notice any difference. I think the only difference is the brush feels more slippery on the glass but will not continue to use it after I have finished with the bottle. Cant really justify using it. I`m not obsessed with TDS I buy my water pre filtered and it is always 0.00.

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Must of said this 100 times on here about Vision. Good luck to the sellers but for me, the only place for it is the bin. I have not spent thousands of £££'s to be able to create pure water to then bang in a load of **** and sludge up ya tank and pump etc. Not a chance I don't care how many magical bubbles you get on the glass 🙄

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