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Window Cleaning Round For Sale - Longton, Preston, Lancashire


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Work for sale in the area noted above. Circa £800 on a four weekly basis. Will be two smaller cluster of works all so thrown in with this that are around the Preston area. Bringing the total up to just under a thousands pound of work. 

This work has been built up over a long period of time and always on a regular basis. Some customers have been cleaned since the 1970’s. Predominantly traditionally cleaned. Nice area of Preston and plenty of potential in this area to expand. 

Round for sale due to slowing down for retirement.

Would be looking to take someone round with me who can work with me get a feel for it and then introduce to the customers. 

Any interest please let me know.



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1 hour ago, Paul Chamberlain said:

How can I contact you Chris?

Click on his name and message him on here

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Paul Chamberlain

Is that not what I’ve done above already or is there a more direct way to him mate?

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32 minutes ago, Paul Chamberlain said:

Is that not what I’ve done above already or is there a more direct way to him mate?

If you private message him he might respond quicker, if you click on his name his profile page should open and at the top there is a messaging option. He should get an email saying you've sent him a message so hopefully he'll respond to it. 

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