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Website how many enquires??


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Hi all!


I am a fairly new fellow to the game of window cleaning, but have invested a bit of money and effort to make myself a nice online presence right from the start. The website it www.rafawindowcleaning.co.uk and currently for "window cleaner harrogate" keyword it ranks at the top of the 1st page of google (albeit not the home page but areas serviced subpage - I have no idea why). The thing is with all the effort I took to get it to the top of google rankings I am not satisfied with the number of enquiries I am getting. The page has been online for more than two months and so far I have received TWO enquires thru the site. Is there something I am missing? Could anyone who knows about these things have a look and point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance

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To be honest the site has been built with NetObjects Fusion 2.0.2 for Windows which is not that great.


Would have been better if the site had been built with say wordpress by a pro instead as is a very powerful platform for seo and the likes of google loves wordpress sites too.

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Thanks all but as I say the site is on the first page of Google already and at the top of it as well. I am using Google places as well. That is an interesting one how to get your listing on Google places to the top? I.have no idea anything I can do?

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Smurf is right in his previous comments. I think what it is coded in is the preferred choice of that developer. For a new site it looks a bit dated to be honest. There are a few improvements you could make on the content to get that call to action to work. Just because the site ranks high in a search engine doesnt mean it will provide loads of leads. By the way I did a search in google for window cleaners in harrogate, you wasnt on the any of the first three pages. You are probably veiwing a cached search or because you have entered the address a few times.

For a fairly new site, I wouldn't expect it to appear that high yet.

Maybe a picture of yourself or your van on the homepage will give a personal feel, put people at ease. They are more willing to contact someone if they feel they know them or what they look like.

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One thing that bugs me is my site comes up on page 1 or 2 for certain searches, but other sites that are based further away show on the map and mine doesn't.

For the main search terms, for example window cleaner or conservatory cleaning etc in (tuffers area) you are the only one one the map. Thats for both S's, page one for one S but not on the map which is a bit strange when you think about it (Tuffers knows what I mean). I'll email you some more details on the blog mate and you really should do it, it's the best and biggest tool you have and it will work.


If you're using a different search term to the ones I'm using we need to look at that, the site can only be optimised so far but blog posts can be optimised to target specific things.

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Cheers Dodge. I have been blogging, but the same cleaners seem to be showing on the map for every search. My site seems hit and miss for an appearance on the map. I have been putting 'window cleaner in xxxxx' into Google.


You lost me with the 's' thingy mate.

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A responsive site means when someone is using a mobile device and clicks on let’s say a google search link to your website the site will automatically detect that and display the site most suited to that device. In a nutshell makes it easier to navigate & see the information they are looking for.


If using a pc/laptop you can check any site if it’s responsive or not by simply resize the browser window from full page to make it a lot smaller and if responsive will change to a new layout.

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