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  1. P

    IBC Tank, pump, hose & handle, RO system for SALE

    450GPD RO system from Daqua, axeon membranes (takes my 280ppm from tap down to 6-8ppm so 97% effective), has pressure gauge fitted too. IBC Tank has been modified with some cuts in the opening to fit the pump in but doesn't affect using it for pure water storage at all. The pump is an 1100W...
  2. JV Window Cleaning

    Anybody selling 35-85L water tank

    Hi, is anyone selling a 35-85L water tank? please let me know, I live in Sheffield, if you are living not far away from Yorkshire, I could get it myself. Thanks  jonathan
  3. D

    Getting the tank ready for the winter

    Any idea how to stop my tank freezing up and the hoses connected to it in the winter ?
  4. Graeme Broome

    400L Upright Tank & Frame

    400L Upright Tank & Frame, Comes With Brand New Outlet Collection Redcar £200
  5. N

    Window Cleaning Purification System - Pure Freedom

    We have purchased all the stock from another cleaning company which included a Pure Freedom Water Purification System Please see the photos attached. As far as we can see it is all in working order and has all the parts. We already have a system and therefore these are offered for sale. These...
  6. AnMadraRua

    350 litre tank and frame.

    350 litre tank and frame. Only ever had pure in it. Merseyside area. Offers.
  7. W

    Filling my tank and also filling up my van....

    Hi All....  Help please... from a blonde woman (no laughs). I recently bought a new water genie set up - 350l tank and i live close to bham so water pressure good!  twice now when i have filled the tank - its gone over - up to the top!  i dont use an extra pump for speed. Today I Started at...
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