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best brush


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what brush do you thinks best and why

i have about 13 different brushes and some days i love the ill brush with fans, then its the extreme wide with fans and also my dual trim and single trim, with pencils, i cant seem to make my mind up which brush i prefer


Matty H

Super lite extreme or dual trim medium. I really can't abide using Vikan brushes on windows they are rubbish IMO



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13 brushes is a lot - faster cleaning will be dictated by the choice of brush. If the brush is slow to use or requires more brush strokes to clean the window; then it will cost you time, money and water.

Brush choice is important; a boar’s hair brush will remove types of dirt/mould on glass in seconds that artificial monofilaments will struggle with for hours. For maintenance cleans the Polyester monofilament is the fastest brush you can get. The three types – Boars Hair – Nylon – Polyester - and Hybrid brushes all provide time savings when used accordingly.

Goes without saying but the method of cleaning is vital for profitability; this starts with selecting the most suitable brush.

There’s a lot more to it, the basic requirements are have a 1st clean brush and a daily maintenance clean brush, this is the starting point. Just by regular cleaning your main brush; will save you loads of time and reduce the risk of spotting.


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