Driveway sealing

Discussion in 'Pressure Washing' started by unit, Apr 4, 2016.

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  1. unit

    unit Guest

    I'm cleaning a block driveway tomorrow and the lady wants to seal it once I have cleaned it and brushed sand in.
    Thing is I don't do sealing,so told her I'm happy to clean it but not seal.
    Any way she wants to seal it her self and I told her I would find a good product for her.
    Has any one got any tips for this please.
  2. GleamCleanUK

    GleamCleanUK Member

    Apr 11, 2016
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    Hi unit.
    Might be too late for you now
    But I was in same mind as you regarding sealant. But all you really need is a paint roller pole a masonry roller with a think pile roller end. A roller tray and away you go. Alternatively use a pump sprayer with a very light spray end that disperses well across surface area. Charged a client with a medium sized driveway 1800 for all of it but not including sealant costs. Customer was pleased that the job was completed by us. As it saved them hassle.

    If you really don't want to do it. Then I'd suggest getting a commercial grade block paved sealant. That comes in 25 litre drums for around £90 plus vat. You can find these on eBay.
    But I'd suggest that you don't go for branded products from b and q which are rip offs and don't cover surface area.
    The 25 litre container I buy covers around 20 square metres. Although I would put two coats on as it soaks in to the porous blocks easily.

    Completed a job last year on a property surrounded by trees and plants. Heavy vehicle usage on the drive too. And a year later there is no sign of algae anywhere. So you get what you pay for. And because of the quantity needed to cover the area you need to buy bulk.

    Hope this helps

    Gleam Clean UK