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Hose advice needed please


Deleted member 84

Hey guys, I'm getting a major leak on the connection to the hose reel with the feed pipe coming from the pump! It works fine just fed up of the leak. Can anybody put me in the right direction for a good leak free set up.

Also this week with the sun all my hose on the poles keeps kinking is this due to the heat and also having a heavy connector in between the microbore and hose ?



my micro bore never kinks its pretty strong

if its really old maby its time to change it ? mines 6mm

whats acually leaking the reel it self or the hose going to the reel ?


Matty H

if your using hose lock, they are Swear word!, put a pic up
The metal reels always have a brass "tap" connector (hozelock type) attached to the outside though mate - what's other option?



Do you have the right type of hose coming from the pump?, it should be that hard blue plastic stuff. Not sure how you have your hose set up, but cant think why you would have a heavy connector from your hose to microbore, surely the hose would only go to the connector on the side of the reel, and your microbore should be attatched to the centre?.


Deleted member 84

Thanks for reply

I have at the minute a brass hozelock type on the hose from the pump and it connects to a brass nipple like fitting on the hose reel, I will get a picture tomorrow

Would it be better plastic connected to brass?



Sorry mate, i misread (again!), i thought you meant the leak was at the pump itself. A picture would definately help to diagnose the problem, but as has already been mentioned, you really need good quality fittings.



I have standard hose coming from the tank outlet to the pump, it is reduced (afraid i cant remember what make of fittings, but i will have a look tomorrow) into the blue plastic tubing to go into, and out of, the pump (i did try reinforced pole hose, but it doesnt work!), then back to standard hose, which goes to di vessel, then to my reel. Which has 100m of 6mm microbore. Incidentally, the microbore is starting to kink, but i think this is because it is getting very worn, it didnt kink before, regardless of the temperature!.

I bought some of those O rings that fitted onto hozelock fittings, saved replacing unit, worked a treat and only cost couple pound for 50 or 100 or something.

unless you've bought an expensive hose reel with its own bearings inside, think hozelock is the only way to go really, due to reel turning as u wind in etc.

I have metal part screwed onto reel (2 years no leaks), and good quality hozelock push fit from pump on normal (not rubbish) hose pipe, every 6 months change the rubber seal when it starts dripping, bobs yur uncle!

and yes hose gets soft when warm in summer, still Shouldn't kink tho unless it's twisted.

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