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Need some serious advice


Ok as some of you may know I was due to price a hotel this week which I have done today.

All in all its must over 300 windows huge huge ones too, they have it done sort of as and when they please but it really is a massive job and will take me two days to complete.

Im ready to give the guy a the quote but I am a little wary, I know he uses a massive company at the moment so I want to offer a good deal but dont want to charge too little and come across as a cowboy but I want to give a good price all the same.

How much would you guys normally charge for a hotel that could easily take you two days to complete?



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Yeah, I clean a hotel which takes from 7-9 hours depending on varying circumstances.

I charge what I need to earn for the day and then some.

Why not give them a maximum it will cost, at slightly more than you need, but say in person you'll try to keep it down.

That way, they agree to a clean at your top end, yet verbally and not in writing you're assuring them of your motive to keep charges down.

Then if all works out and the jobs easier than expected charge less, and you'll get a good reputation, yet you can always go higher just in cases.

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