ppm is 38 so just ri is ok then??

Discussion in 'Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning' started by azzy, Feb 24, 2012.

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  1. azzy

    azzy Guest

    No need for ro since my ppm is 38 - I am correct yes????(quest 1)

    Also tried trolley system out today - the guy was saying once u wash the window with jets on and brush then follow up with a rinse - Do you really need to do that??n (Quest 2)

    Third question lol - How much does one reckon the ri filter will last for (its 70 quid so whatever liters that is) and can I use the same filter and top up with resin (guy didnt know for some reason) poor sales man

  2. simon

    simon Guru

    Jan 18, 2012
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    my ppm is 36 so i only use di which lasts about 3mth using about 250/300 ltr per day but you can buy a 2nd di vessel & use 2 in line that lasts even longer - you dont need a filter just resin & a vessel
    as for cleaning- if you get the frames really clean first time then you just give the whole thing a brush over then a quick rinse, it really is dead quick once your used to it
    your sales rep doesn't sound up to much
  3. chip

    chip Guru

    Jan 16, 2012
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    i checked the resin calculator and if you use 1000 lts a week you'd get about 16 weeks out of a bag or 16,000 ltrs.
    common consensus is to give it a quick rinse, though some brushes are supposed to not matter, you'll likely find some need more rinsing than others, i find hot sunny days can be a mare, dries to fast and can look a mess as the dirt did'nt run off! so sometimes have too wash and rinse more.
  4. badbusdriver

    badbusdriver Guest

    I'm a bit confused azzy, you say 'ri', are you talking about r/o, or di?. In your post, you refer to r/o, so i thought you must mean di, but you are also talking about 'filters', which, as far as i'm aware, you dont have in a di system?!.
    But in answer to what i think(!) is your 1st question, you will easy manage to use di only with 38ppm, i use di only with water which is 60ppm.
    As for your 2nd question, yes, definately rinse the window, as it gets rid of any small specks of dirt and other **** which may have come off your brush or down from the top of the frame. Also the water flowing down the glass will show clearly any 'bits', still stuck on the glass, which you may have missed.
    I'm not going to answer the 3rd question, as i dont know what you are refering to when you talk about a ri filter?!. :)
  5. Paul

    Paul Guest

    I find the worst part of the window for dirt are the vents make sure they are spotless or they will just ruin your full window a good rinse afterward does the trick and the smallest speck will show up.

    If in doubt go over them again until u get used wfp.
  6. James

    James Guru

    Nov 2, 2011
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    Vents are a pain, If they are that bad sometimes I just hand finish them as WFP just leaves streakes which is innevitable sometimes as you can't help the dirt coming off the vent.

  7. windyman

    windyman Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2012
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    Yes DI only will be fine, and yes I always rinse. Sometimes it's just running brush accross top a few times so water runs down, sometimes it's moving brush left to right and bring it down the window for a better rinse. But a rinse is an important part of the WFP clean.
  8. azzy

    azzy Guest

    dead on cheers :p One sales guy told me the ro brings it to 30ppm and another to 1 ppm - who the heck is telling the truth.. Since i dont need that it dnt matter but people tellin u things just to buy stuff frm them - hate that ****e
  9. Reform

    Reform Guest

    RO takes about 95% of contaminates out...so it really depends what you start with.

    I get 24ppm AFTER RO filtering, so count your self lucky lol

    to make your resin last longer, i would have 2 vessels in line. when your ppm rises, move the second vessel into first position and refill the first vessel with new resin and put it in second position.....if that makes any sence at all lol (basically use old resin as a prefilter to make new resin last longer)

    as to rinsing...never, ever, ever wash a window without rinsing! its the most important part of wfp cleaning.
  10. azzy

    azzy Guest

    thank you L)