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Renting out Round


Don't know if this subject has been covered. But what's the going 'fair' rate for renting/franchising a well established window cleaning round? 

Situation: worker has his own tools/van...its literally providing the work only. He will be paid every week in full minus my cut. 12 month contract.

I have to do the admin side of it as most my round is Direct Debit customers and monies go to business account, then I would pay the worker, which will be easier doing it that way. As I'm doing some work in my business aswell - just not the hands on labour.

And what about any loss/gains of customers on my rounds?



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And what about any loss/gains of customers on my rounds?
The devil is in the detail, the loss and addition of customers is down to trust and an agreement. If they're doing your work then the new customer should be yours. A bonus / incentive of some kind would be required unless you have an extremely honest person. The loss of customer would depend on why,  if it wasn't his fault if they move etc, then not a lot can be done but if down to shoddy work I'd be looking to replace him before anymore jump ship.

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