Servicing the pressure washer

Discussion in 'Window Cleaning Tutorials & DIY' started by sdrah, Oct 9, 2014.

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  1. sdrah

    sdrah Guest

    hi everyone -
    i just realized that my pressure washer needs servicing asap - and after reading the manuals / instructions - im totally confused what oil should I use ..
    May be somebody has a similar machine and can advise me please : )

    here is what ive got

    the engine manual says that a 10w30 oil should be used for engine - but ive got another book for the whole unit typed by the seller i reckon ?! and according to this book engine and interpump needs SAE 20-50 and SAE90 Gear il for the reduction gearbox

    I called the seller he advised to use as below

    15w40 (diesel) for gearbox
    10w30 4 stroke oil for engine and pump

    here is a video where the guy uses a non detergent oil for the pump - which none of the manuals indicates

    any help will be appreciated

  2. sdrah

    sdrah Guest