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Discussion in 'Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning' started by Wheatie, Sep 3, 2012.

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  1. Wheatie

    Wheatie Guest

    As I'm starting up in December once I leave the Army I'm trying to get ahead of the game with a kit list for WFP.

    But for a van mount, and the size of the tank from 350ltrs - 400ltrs I need a full list from frush to tank so I can price it up and know exactly what I need and to put it in my planning!

    A list of equipment would be great, I would like Gardnier poles as I have heard they are the best on the market!

    Kind regards
  2. Colley614

    Colley614 Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2012
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    Mate, do some research into 'be the boss' funded by the legion. Set up for ex squaddies who set up their own business
  3. me5380

    me5380 Member

    Apr 22, 2012
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    i have done be the boss but think you may get resettlement package,that should teach you how to make system if you find a course ,
  4. Wheatie

    Wheatie Guest

    I did mate its utter rubbish, I loads of people who have tried! It's for officers!
  5. Wheatie

    Wheatie Guest

    Apologies I mean I know loads of people who have tried.
  6. Wheatie

    Wheatie Guest

    There's no course about the window cleaning service. Only thing close is build your own company etc etc.
  7. Wheatie

    Wheatie Guest

    There's no course about the window cleaning service. Only thing close is build your own company etc etc.
  8. Wheatie

    Wheatie Guest

    They only find courses with your ELCAS that's only level 3. The course people provide are in house or The guys on here Level 1 & 2. So if anyone could keep on the subject of my main topic for for a kit list please.

  9. harunh

    harunh Legend

    Feb 16, 2012
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    wheatie you are starting in december but your on here everyday planning everything and you seem very keen

    you remind me of myself :) i used to come on here 3 months before i started everyday and i used to make posts just like u..

    ill tell u 1 thing mate... waht your doing keep doing it.... cos all this info your learning from this forum is very handy for when u start up ;)

    what van are u getting wheatie mate ?

    i got a 350 litre tank with 5x 25litre containers

    i onl fill the 5 containers on busy days when i may need extra water :)
  10. Belfastcleaning

    Belfastcleaning Grand Master

    Mar 31, 2012
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    Get yourself a tds meter £15 ish on eBay

    You will then know wether you need di/ro set up

    ..Tank.. Tap for tank.. However your going to secure the tank
    ..Pump/ controller
    ..Split charge relay (recommended) / or a battery charger
    .. Hose reel / 100m 8mm hose.. Microbore Tap for end of hose ( you can buy complete kit with connection for end of pole hose )

    ... Spare microbore fittings
    ... O rings & pliers
    ... Hose cutter
    ... I use a med/soft mix dual trim gardiners brush.. I have a med/stiff mix and a stiff.. Didn't fancy them too much..