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I have tested my water and it says 329 ppm is this a bad thing? and what equipment would i need to purify it?

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This is the type of r/o you need but a 75GPD is not sufficient for the daily needs of a window cleaner IMO.


You need around a 300GPD r/o with a much larger di vessel to polish the remaining tds in the purified water the r/o 'missed'.


An r/o membrane's performance is measured over a 24 hour period at optimum pressure and water temperature. On an average pressure at the tap and especially during winter, the amount of water your r/o produces is probably going to be less than half this figure. The gallons are also American gallons and so are less than Imperial gallons.


look at http://www.daqua.co.uk/ro_systems.htm

Down at the bottom of the page you will see a 300 GPD r/o for £130.00 and a 450GPD at £150.00. These are a much better unit to look at.


An 11 litre di Vessel is also supplied by them as well as MB115 Tulsion resin.


Process water into a used but cleaned IBC tank which you can pick up for less than £100.00 including transport and pumped to your van as and when required with a submersible pump.

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Thanks spruce i will probably buy that one


The first r/o we had was a 3 membrane unit which had a 75GPD membrane in each housing = 225GPD. We had a trailer with a 375 litre tank with 4 additional 25l plastic drums. Water was processed directly into the trailer overnight after filling the 4 drums.

Many a morning I came out to find that the r/o hadn't produced enough water, especially during the winter when water production is slower.


Once the membranes were upgraded and we processed water into a 1000 IBC tank, we had enough water for 2 of us each day using about 800 liters between us. That worked for around 5 years until we got a 3rd part time cleaner. The 450 GPD couldn't keep up so we replaced it with a 4040.


I would personally go for the 450GPD as its only an extra £20.00. It will also allow you to wfp everything, ie, tops and bottoms without worrying if the r/o will keep up with your water needs.

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