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My hose reel is proper doing my head in

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Got a new hose not so long ago, and it is getting right on my *its.

Please let me know how you go about using your reel.

How i reel mine in and out is basically like this as this is how my old'un worked no probs.

Switch controller off, drain about half the pressure out of the hose using the aquadapter then wind the hose up, once disconnected this then lets the hose relax on the reel so when unwinding it next time it unwinds nice and easy.


This new hose, it doesn't matter what way i wind it up whether under full pressure or completely drained, when unwinding the next time its just so tight that it drags the reel and jams, i then have to go to the reel and pull the hose off and it is really tight.


Its all to do with expansion and contraction of the hose depending on how much pressure is in the hose when winding it back up, a compromise for now is wind it up under pressure about a third, the drain a bit, then wind some more, then drain some more etc etc, but then what happens is when its fully relaxed it gets so baggy and loose when unwinding next it becomes derailed and gets caught up in the spindle, usually when i'm about 40 metres away....:mad::mad::mad:

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Hate reeling in over wet grass, bloody hard work. I only release the pressure if I remember to. Main bug bear is the hose coming off the reel pulling it out and winding round the spindle a few times :mad:


Mine is static and held to the floor with the plumbers clip type fittings. I did manage to pull all the fittings out of the floor today reeling in and the reel was left free standing. I tried it on the floor outside my van, just to try it, but reeling in was a bit of a mare.

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Yeah when it wraps itself round the spindle is BAD!!!! Whats the prob with wet grass tuffers? All the cr@p on the hose? Or something else?

The other thing i think maybe a contributing factor to my woes is this new hose is it stretches as i reel it in from full extension so it nips itself whilst winding it up.

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i drain water out then real in trying not to let it rap round the spindle:mad: then when im redy i just pull hose an it come out nce an easy some times it goes ape an i have to come bk an un twist :rolleyes: i im now leaving hose out side of van so i can face it in the rite direction an its mch beta but when i real bk in i put the real bk in van i drag hose in a neetish strate line then real in i have my real bolted to a big bit of wood so it dont tip:)

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We had the same experience with a 100m length of minibore hose we got from one of the suppliers.


If you are using a controller, my suggestion is to reduce the cut off (dead end) pressure to just above what is needed to keep your flow rate at the brush going. The warmer weather means warmer water and the hose gets fractionally more pliable.


We had same thing as you. If we wound the hose in under pressure the hose went slack when the system was uncoupled and within a day or two we would have to wind the whole lot off the reel and then re-layer it back on. On a couple of occassions this lose hose on the inside of the reel kinked and restricted water flow. If we wound it on with no pressure the hose swelled under pressure and we couldn't unwind the hose.


TBH after 6 months of messing on I replaced it from another supplier and have had no issues like that since then.


Suppliers also can't guarantee that the replacement stocks of hose they receive from their suppliers/manufacturers. We bought the same hose again within a few months of the first purchase and it wasn't as good as the previous hose, but it is still ok and wearing on the outside.


I would also suggest a couple of drops of 3 in 1 oil on the shaft bearings/bushes of your hosereel.

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