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Picked up a nice little job today ;-)

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My sister in laws wedding tomorrow, been to pick up the bridesmaids dresses and my suit today, the shops windows were absolutely manky and once she found out i was a windy she asks how much, and explains that they have only just been cleaned yesterday by her current cleaners!!!


These windows and frames have to be seen to be believed!! I could not ''clean'' these windows to the standard of the current windys even if i tried.


Well maybe if i took a dump in my bucket first then didnt add soap, and found a discarded

Squeegee blade out of the gutter that had been run over about a million times, maybe then i could replicate their standard lmao


What i dont get as the lads who do it, have wfp but still squeegee them? So the frames are covered in a million webs and spiders eggs.


Downstairs is the mens suits, kilts etc and upstairs is the bridal suite. I counted 40 dresses on one rack alone with an average price tag of £1000, she says she's embarrassed when people look through the windows.


Plus she is power fit.......yay what a good do :D :thumbsup: :cool:

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Add a wedding tax on the clean the way she does when she sells her wedding stuff. She brought it on herself.





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This is what i dont get though smurf, these lads have wfp but they trad their residential, and because this bridal suite is next door to some of their houses they trad it.

But the amount of people who ask me to clean their houses instead of these lads is unbelievable, and the stories of how they dont clean properly and miss windows or a common theme is if they think the people are out they just totally leave the backs but still charge full price.


I tell these people that i'm afraid they will have to take it up with these lads and i just cant do their windows because i dont want any aggro but also i would like to think that they would do the same for me, but then again i like to think that i do a proper job.


I just dont understand window cleaners who just simply dont do the job properly, maybe they should go into politics! Or management, something where total inadequacy is part of the curriculavitae

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If customers are not happy with there work then they should say so as sounds like they are a cowboy outfit to me.:rolleyes:

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