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Yesterday I had to do an inside and out window clean on an old manor house that had just been refurbished. The place was empty of furniture and seemed larger because of it.


The owners had paid for the work upfront and had me collect the key from an old lady living a couple of miles away. This place is really out in the sticks.


The outside clean was uneventful, but inside was very different. I was in the kitchen and heard someone call out. Thinking I was alone I thought I'd better go see. Found no one.


Upstairs I heard heavy footsteps in the corridor outside a bedroom I was in. I swung the door open and the corridor is empty. Every now and then a door would bang elsewhere in the building.


When I was locking up and getting ready to leave I heard children laughing and playing, So went to take a look but the gardens are overgrown and full of building rubble. No where to play.


I don't scare easily. I've searched many old houses alone, sometimes at night if necessary, but I was glad to be handing those keys back. I didn't have the courage to mention any of this to the old lady though.

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Too many spirits the night before SP? :D


No mate, but I had a couple last night ;)


The mind can play tricks when you are scared but would have been defo another man pants moment if it had happened to me :D


Yes the mind can play tricks in these conditions. At first I thought someone was inside playing games. So I was annoyed and felt I had to keep checking it out, in case kids had broken in or something, but as time went on I did get a bit spooked.

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My wife apparently sees dead ppl and the best one was one night I was in bed and the wife said " I can see my dad at the foot of the bed but don't know who the other one is" Now that really spooked me :D

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Yep that would be scary.


My wife apparently sees dead ppl and the best one was one night I was in bed and the wife said " I can see my dad at the foot of the bed but don't know who the other one is" Now that really spooked me :D
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My wife said that I had told her I saw my dad at the foot of my bed on the day of his funeral. I can't remember it, but she says I told her I saw him.


Also, there was a girl at school who had a horse and there was a country lane that went to nowhere but a ford. She went there on her horse one day and the horse went ape :turd:. I went down alone on my bike a while after and as I got there there was what sounded like someone playing a flute in the woods. I did a runner :eek:

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I was also told by my wife when I was really poorly sat on the settee one night

"you have a blond lad sat by the side of you which happens to be your guardian angle"


WTF & what a relief I can tell you it wasn't the grim reaper :D

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Sounds very spooky spc.....did you believe in that kind of stuff before?


Did the place you cleaned have a reputation for ghost sightings?


I enjoy the odd story told in front of a pub fire on a winters night, but I have a logical mind and assumed that I had 'intruders on premises' being an ex cop I went to deal with them. I never doubt anyone else if they say they have seen something odd.


I know nothing of the property so can't say about it's reputation.

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imagine yourself on the ladder and when looking down you see something like in the video below - I bet everyone will wish their ladder was longer lol



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cracker sdrah...


my dad was a real hard man biker...er...i take after me mum...wuss....


he told me a story about how him and his mate camped on the edge of a graveyard...his mate..(ended up in prison for murder so not a softee) was sent to get the milk early in the morning from the local shop ..through the graveyard...

he arrived back at the tent shaking and no milk..my dad said where is it?...he said he saw something and dropped it as he ran away...so my dad went back with him.....they never did get the milk and couldnt pack up fast enough...


another time my mum and dad were in the house on their own....and the door handle turned....my dad not a wuss like me

grabbed it open...no one there..


i am not religious but....i do find life ...suspicious..


one thing i find comforting...i love to read...




okay maybe off topic but interesting chit chat...


and dont mention hypnotic regression...


great post sp me personally always remember what mama said....its the living that hurt you the dead cant...

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I have an open mind about this subject. One of my locals is reputed to be haunted by mary queen of scots. As well as that, they have a dog ghost and an amorous ghost ( landlady often feels someone feeling her neck and blowing on her neck...its not me...honest). Behind the bar is a book of ghost photos...some are seriously freaky. They have one bedroom that no one sleeps in or enters......previous landlords as well as the present have described it as cold and pure evil.


On the rhubarb wine.....so might be talking total rhubarb!.


If anyone had the chance would they stay in a reputed haunted place for a night....think I would.....but only if accompanied with a long lasting supply of my homebrew

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yeh i would stay but only with some of the windys on here...i not so brave on me own...great meeting place....all get together and get pssed..

and watch the ghosties ...


at the end of the day ...i have just watched how the universe works on quest.....we are nothing but a speck of sand...who knows what life is all about.....and i dont really care...as long as i have my beer and family...and okay...the bloomin dogs..and of course...this great forum....:rolleyes:


monday off...grrrrreaat.....:D

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Guest SolarPanelCleaning


On one hand........ I used to live in a derelict mental hospital in mid wales, Talgarth for those are curious. I rented part of the old nurses quarters. Cheap rent! Some really spooky stuff happened up there.

We used to get tanked up and go exploring, this place was huge! Like a maze in a horror film. One night some friends of mine and I stumbled upon yet another derelict ward, and in the middle was a curtain wrapped around where a bed would be. We pulled the curtain back and found a perfectly made bed. Spooky things happened to me in that flat from then on.........


On the other hand, I've been a memorial mason for ten years and spent a lot of time in churchyards and cemeteries. Car parks for dead people. I've never seen shit.

Anyone need a headstone?

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