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Cleaning school windows


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Hi folks,i was asked by a school caretaker if i was able to clean all the exterior windows at his acadomy i knew the guy he lives across the road from me and i clean his windows,to keep it brief i quoted him £400 and i spread it over 2 days a total of 11 hours do you think i am about right with the price because i find big jobs like that difficult to price.

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Green Pro Clean Ltd

Yep, £30 - £40 per hour is more than reasonable.


After my last school I done I recommend a pump sprayer loaded with UBIK 2000 mix, soak the windows thoroughly with the solution then a good scrub.


Good luck

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Yep as above. Price things at £35 per hour

Thanks guys i thought i had priced it about right based upon looking what i was up against and estimating how long the job will take compared to my other commercial jobs its much harder for any one new to the job who is asked to price a big job who has only cleaned houses this is where valuable info can be gained from you guys cheers john

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We found the way to price something like this is to break the clean up into sections and try to visualize how long each section will take.


Schools are usually annual cleans done in the summer holidays. Windows in the sun (south facing mostly) will have baked in birds muck that will always be a challenge to remove. Once you have settled on a time then add around 25% to take into consideration the unforeseen. Then apply your hourly rate. Sometimes that's not easy as you also need to find an acceptable balance between what you would like to charge and what the 'market' will pay.


Most schools have locked gates, and you will have to get the caretaker to open these ahead of you. Sometimes finding the caretaker when you want him is a challenge.


If you do a summer holiday clean, always find out when exam results are expected out. We are 'banned' from site for 2 days; the day the pupils arrive to get their results and the day before when the teachers prepare for it. Those two days will be the best cleaning weather. :)


We have found that we won't be the only ones working on site. You will be vying for your space. One year we had just finished cleaning a block of windows when a contractor arrived to pressure clean the paving blocks next to them. No maintenance work is systematically organised. The carpet cleaners will arrive on the day you start the internal cleaning side.


We switch off the automatic doors when we start to clean the entrance Atrium, but then a thousand people need to use the door. What should take 1/2 an hour takes an hour.

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